Project summary

Project MarineClean (11/2011 – 10/2014) involves partners from Slovenia, Croatia and Lithuania. The project deals with decreasing of marine litter – one of the major ecological threats – in four areas of action:

  1. collection of marine litter with new light equipment produced at Turna;
  2. edible and biodegradable packaging produced at EcoCortec that will help to reduce the quantities of in marine litter due to degradability;
  3. fishing nets produced at Turna and TC PoliEko that can be easily traced, collected and recycled when lost;
  4. networking of products’ users and lobbying at national and EU decision-makers to promote and enlarge eco-friendly products usage as well as for intensified surveillance in the return of ship waste and for grants and/or discounts with edible and biodegradable packaging will be formed.

Proposed solutions will have positive effect on marine ecology: decreasing of marine litter in tested areas, higher number of cleaning groups/areas, higher share of edible/biodegradable packaging on ships, and a few of law changing proposals. All project products will be widely disseminated through web platforms and demonstration sessions in each participating country.